Sage of Quay Radio – Michael Murphy – The Great Paragliding Experiment – Exposing The Truth About Geoengineering And Climate Engineering.



Tonight Michael Murphy returns to the show.Michael is an award winning Director/Producer, a political activist and President of The Coalition Against Geoengineering.As an independent reporter and community organizer, his work includes directing and co-producing the groundbreaking geoengineering documentaries “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” and “What in the World are They Spraying?” Each film has awakened millions to the environmental threats of the geoengineering programs.






In tonight’s discussion Michael will fills us in on what is potentially the most difficult environmental test in history to conclusively prove that the on-going aerosol spraying program is not simply contrails but a very dangerous mix of chemicals which is disrupting and impacting our collective health and well-being and resulting in world wide damage to the environment.



J. Marvin Herndon 02
Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, along with two volunteer environmentalists from the National Crime Scene Cleanup Association (NCSCA), are setting out to find conclusive evidence about the existence of “chem trails” with Michael documenting this incredible feat.

The test will be performed by paragliders at 30,000 feet which is the same altitude commercial airlines fly at. The air samples from the spraying will be collected by the paragliders and later analyzed to assess the content of the aerosols. There will be several test performed in order to gather as much data as possible. The results of the testing will set the stage for legal action in an effort to halt the UN climate change agenda of implementing carbon taxing which is designed to monetize the very air we breath.(Photo Above Dr.J Marvin Hendron Ph.D.)




paris  climate conference 2015C













(Photo Above Event  A Global Call To Action. Please Join Us In The Quest For Truth And Freedom From Toxic Skies – A Global #Geoengineering Call To Action Information Social Media, Email, Phone calls, News Blitz that will target many global Governments, United Nations Agencies, Traditional Media and other officials involved in the Geoengineering cover 

Michael also discusses the upcoming December UN Climate Change Conference in Paris and how humanity is at a critical juncture in our struggle to remain free from global governance.




Click here to listen to the radio interview. Sage of Quay Radio Michael Murphy, The Great Paragliding Experiment. Source










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