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This sector of the Coalition will focus on calls to action to address various strategies for stopping geoengineering.Calls to action can include various strategies at the local and international level including reaching out to public officials, media networks and scientific community.

Please e-mail us with any developed call to action strategies and they will be considered for implementation to our e-mail list. Also, please sign up below to be part of our e-mail list and we will e-mail you with the various call to actions that are initiated.


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Local Outreach

Local outreach is the Coalition’s way of working with local chapters to get out into our communities to bring the message of chemtrail geoengineering programs through public events. We encourage local chapters to organize events and hand out DVDs, flyers and other information. is a great website which will help in organizing local events.

This is an example of our Meetup group in Los Angeles:

We also have 25×5 foot banners that can be shipped out to your chapter for local events. Just cover the shipping and handling and we will ship it out to your home or place of business. (Include pics of the banners) This is a great way to have fun, develop relationships in your community by educating people about this vital issue.(Pictures of outreaches and flyers to be included by admin)

Also, we encourage handing out free DVD’s of both “WHAT and WHY in the World are They Spraying?” A DVD can be ordered on the Coalition site. We allow those who order to make copies and hand out for free.




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