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Nothing will change until we replace the clueless and spineless politicians who have ignored or supported geo-engineering. So..

Run for office or support a candidate who stands against geo-engineering; write letters to editors, send e-mails, call radio shows, distribute DVDs, organize film showings, place What in the World Are They Spraying on Public Access, become a news scout for stories and events relating to geo-engineering – anything and everything that will create an informed electorate. Join the Coalition at the bottom of this page.


This documentary has taken off like a rocket! and many people have asked if they could organize a public screening in their local town. The answer, of course, is YES, YES.

That made us realize that this is a great way to introduce geo-engineering, not just to neighbors and friends, but to the whole town, so we are passing the idea to you. If you want to do something really different and reach a large number of people, this is for you. Our only caveat is that you should not try this alone. We suggest you bring together at least three others (the more the better) who will help with promotion and staffing the event. It also is recommended that sponsors be obtained beforehand who will cover the expenses in the unlikely but possible event that ticket sales and DVD sales fall short of out-of-pocket costs. Sometimes the best choice is to rent a small movie theater within a large movie complex because it already has ticket takers and ushers and probably won’t require that you obtain liability insurance. All you need to add is a PA system (unless they have one) and arrange a place for your display tables and reception. We can help by providing art work for movie posters and flyers, and we will publish the details of your screening in the Unfiltered News Events Calendar. If you you would like more information, contact Michael Murphy, President of the Coalition Against Geo-Engineering, here.





2011 Jan a great activism idea from Diane Macaulay:  



 ·        Chem Trails :  Send a copy of  “What In The World Are They Spraying?” to the President of  the US, and to your representatives in the Congress, Senatorand your States Governor. 

 ·        HAARP :  Send DVD “HAARP –  The Update:  Angels Still Don’t Play This HAARP” , a book ,  as well as  an article printed from the website  www.earthpulse.com .  To purchase the DVD click on  “Products” in the menu on the homepage.  In the column entitled “Earth Pulse Publications” click on “HAARP – The Update: Angels Still Don’t Play This HAARP”.  Purchasing from this website will help support Dr. Nick Begich in furthering his crucial work.

NOTE: By sending your correspondence to your representatives’ local office, it will get to them faster then sending it directly to DC.  Security

measures involved in sending mail directly to Washington  slows it down.

 Mailing address:  President of US


Mailing address’s  Congress :  Local District/Washington DC 


Mailing address’s Senate :  Local District/Washington DC


Mailing address’s : States Governor



 ·        Along with the DVD, book or printed material, include a letter stating your concerns and a demand that:

1.           DEMAND: The aerial spraying, ie. Chem Trails, be STOPPED immediately!

2.           DEMAND: The manipulation of the Electromagnetic Field and all applications of the HAARP installation, and all similar installations in the United States, including Puerto Rico, that disrupt the human mind and body, environment, and wild life, be STOPPED immediately!

3.           DEMAND: The EPA be prevented from imposing regulations and taxes upon the population of the United States, including the “Cap and Trade Bill”,  based upon the theory that Green house gas emissions, Co2, are the cause for Climate Change.  The fact is, geoengineering practices have been ON GOING for DECADES.  These practices have NOT  been included in the “equation” being used to define the “answers” to Climate Change that are being stated to the American people.  Therefore the “answers”, ie. regulations and taxes, mandated upon the American people, are ill gotten and misleading. They fulfill no viable action to solve the real problems caused by purposefully engineered weather modification programs that are resulting in extreme, deadly weather and devastating Climate Change.


 ·        CALL, FAX, and E-MAIL the President of the U.S., your representatives in the Senate, Congress, and your states Governor.

1.     State your concerns

2.     Demand the Chem Trail Spraying be stopped immediately!

3.     Demand the manipulation of the earth’s electromagnetic field using HAARP and all similar installations, be stopped immediately!

4.     Demand the EPA be prevented from mandating regulations & taxes, via the “Cap and Trade Bill” or by any other means,  upon the American people based upon the flawed computer generated equation that is being used to define the cause of  “Climate Change”.

 Phone, e-mail, fax  numbers  Congress / Senate


Phone, fax numbers President of US


Phone, e-mail, fax numbers States Governors


Free Fax :  http://websearch.about.com/od/usefulsite1/tp/free-fax-online.htm


 EVERY WEEK following your first contact mailings, calls, fax, & e-mails:

          Place a follow up call, e-mail & fax to the President of the U.S.     

          your representatives, and States Governor stating your                  

          demands. Do this until the Chem Trail spraying and the     

           manipulation of the Earth’s electromagnetic field is STOPPED!


In so doing, as the educational outreach continues, the number of people calling, faxing & e-mailing Washington DC & the States Governors will increase exponentially.


The positive power of the people working in unison will increase

We will be heard as one unified voice

 The will of we, the People, will prevail.BE WELL     BE STRONG      PREVAIL



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