pH Results from Maui Hawaii
Dear Coalition,
My name is Debra Mack. I live in Maui, Hawaii. After seeing what in
the world are they spraying, I began to notice that our skies above
Maui have had an increasing amount of aerosols. After a heavy spray
day on May 1st, I decided to test the rain water for its PH. What I
found was shocking, the first test that revealed a 7.5 ph and the
second test came in at 6.7 Ph. Biologist Frances Mangles was contacted
with the results and according to him the first test was 100 times the
normal alkalinity, and the second test was about 20 times the normal
alkalinity. I will be sending rain samples from Maui in to test for
aluminum, strontium, and barium. These result are concerning as many
of us here in maui, including me, grow our own foods. We have concerns
that the the super alkaline rain will affect our ability to grow
organic, non-gmo foods.
I will keep you posted on the results of the lab tests.

Thank you.
Debra Mack

Response from Michael J. Murphy:
Thank you Deborah.  As you know, we also are concerned about the damaging environmental implicatios from these programs.  Please keep us posted on future findings and also, please encourage others to collect data. Thanks again for your interest and support in exposing this crime against nature and humanity.

A response from Switzerland
Dear Mr. Griffin, dear Mr. Murphy,
I was shocked and astonished as I read about chemtrails here in Switzerland. My father’s garden soil has turned neutral in the last two years. So that’s why we began to inform ourselves about this crazy issue. Unfortunately we do not really know how we can help. Spreading the news is insufficient to me. Writing letters to our government happens weekly. So I thought I might help you guys by translating your homepage into German. We can than spread the news a little easier in central Europe. Best wishes and many many, thanks for your work. We very much do appreciate your mind blowing information!

Posted April 9, 2011 from Dane Wigington

A response to a Governement official who denies chemtril/geoengineering programs exist.

Can rain tests contain contamination after storms?
Posted April 9, 2011 from Greg Pallen
They chemtrailed HEAVY here in ATL yesterday.  By sunset, the chemtrails had moved east.  Can a rain sample the next day still contain these chemicals if they have appeared to move away with the wind or jetstream ??

Answer from Biologist Francis Mangels

Dear Mr Pallen:

Yes, that’s how I get some of my heaviest loads of the aluminum, barium, strontium, boron, Arsenic, etc. in my rain samples.  The first rain after dense persistent chemtrails is usually loaded with the Welsbach patent metals commonly used in geoengineering.  I urge you to get a sample of the rainwater and have it analyzed for those metals.  If you have about $300-350, then run a full inorganic panel (and make sure those metals above are included) analyzed at your nearest EPA certified lab.  Send us the results, me especially.  So far we are getting a remarkable consistency from coast to coast, but the amounts vary.  If you wait several days, the amounts are smaller, but anything over 9 ug/l of aluminum is very high.  The other metals should be less than 1 ug/l or non-detectable.

We have had nothing in single digits for over 6 years.  Everything is extremely high lately.


Chemtrails and aluminum in our soils
Posted March 20, 2011 from Rose Taylor
The newly released film, “What In The World Are They Spraying,” has generated in our community the following discussion.  There is a misconception floating around out there that because aluminum is an abundant element in the earth’s crust, that this is the reason why citizens both in Siskyou and Shasta Counties are picking up unusually large amounts of aluminum in the water samples taken from rain, snow pack and surface waters.

A response from a United States Geological Survey

Posted 2011 Feb 14 from Dan O’Brien
As an airman stationed at McCoy AFB, Orlando, during 1959 – 1960, I had the pleasure of logging 40 hours in private flight from coast to coast in mid-Florida, and fell in love with this country, its beauty and vast waterways. Since then my wife and I, both from the Los Angeles area, have spent another 40 years in this fascinating, pristine wonderland of South Brevard County, where we can thoroughly enjoy time with our three children and seven grandchildren. The point being that, as with many Floridians, we take enough pride in what is naturally here, that we will defend it with our lives and fortunes.

At this time of year we should expect to see lovely clear blue skies, dotted occasionally with pure white cumulus clouds. Two weeks ago the deep blue sky on several clear days was quite astonishing, even to this old veteran. But that was soon to be destroyed by traitors to our natural unalienable rights.

I become emotionally distraught while witnessing or discussing the daily pollution of our skies that begins with thin white trails, suspected to be from aluminum, barium or strontium dust particles, then all to soon devolving into thin haze that dulls the deep blue of winter’s skies, obscures detail in the occasional white clouds, gives ocean horizons the dirty look of smog, and promises horrible effects on both plant and animal life, which includes that of we Floridians. This is an outrage! MORE

2-17, from biologist Andrés Zambrano

Hello Michael,
I recently listened to the interview you gave on Red Ice Radio in October of last year. Although I am extremely grateful that you began to put the topic of chemtrails out in the open, you said something that puzzled me. When asked if this phenomena was worldwide, you mentioned that it isn’t present in some places, such as Colombia, South America.

Well, I live in Chia, right next Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, and I have seen MANY chemtrails here, although certainly not every day as seems to be the case in some places, and rarely more than one at a time. I haven’t seen any for the past 10 days, probably because the weather has been persistantly overcast. However, I have seen chemtrails in many different places of Colombia, so it seems to be widespread, yet somewhat infrequent. It is also worth mentioning that last year’s weather set new records of rainfall, all over the country, causing enormous damages by flooding. The country is now officialy being re-built in many areas, which of course benefits the large construction firms that got the state contracts. Any conection there? It wouldn’t surprise me.

I recently photographed a very clear chemtrail from my home, on February the 3rd, I believe. The pictures I have attached to this email are a selection of the progression, which spanned a period of about 45 minutes, after which the trail was still quite clear. As usual, it was sprayed perpendicular to the prevailing westward winds, in this case the plane was flying towards the north.

I hope this helps add up to the huge mountain of evidence, that we are definitely being sprayed, pretty much everywhere.

Andrés Zambrano

Response from Michael Murphy

Thanks for the input.  It looks like I stand to be corrected.  I will change the way I speak about this area.  Although we are not being sprayed everywhere in the world it does appear that that is the intention.  Thanks for the input and for addressing this crime against nature and humanity..

2-11 Feb 4


2011 Jan 24
I have watched these trails being laid down for 16 years and as a pilot of 40 years I knew the difference when I first spotted them in 95. These planes are not just operated by Evergreen but also the militaries of the world such as the French air force spraying eastern Canada and the US as witnessed first hand by friends who fly for airlines. I’ve seen them spray in 360 turns and figure 8?s so they are so evil that they will do things like that knowing the fools on the ground won’t have a clue. What airline passengers would tolerate that kind of flying or what dispatcher would allow that to happen? I’ve had an all white KC-10 with no markings spray my runway from about 10-12,000 feet while passing over several control zones in a very high traffic area where the controllers had to steer traffic around him. Are the controllers so ignorant or are they simply afraid to speak up? 


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